Monday, January 10, 2011

Matthew John

Through the craziness of recovering from a holiday in retail, I didn't get a chance to write a "Happy Birthday Matt" post. Matt turned 27 on December 28th. We were able to celebrate his birthday by going out for dinner at his favorite steak place, "Saltgrass Steak House". Britt even watched the boys so that we could go.

In honor of his late birthday post I wanted to write about a few of the things that make Matt so great.

-Even on 3-4 hours of sleep some nights, he is an amazing "stay at home (during the day at home) dad".
-Jackson looks up to him and he can always put a smile on Jack's face. Wrestling, "fighting", tickling, or snuggling he is very loved.
-He'll answer Jack's million and 1 questions.
-He ALWAYS takes out the trash, with me never asking.
-He's got a soft spot for snuggling with Jack and Mase.
-He gives amazing back massages (which even his cousins will attest to)
-He can make me laugh even when I'm mad
-He let's me drive the car on cold days because it has automatic start
-He has a great relationship with both of his parents
-He never asks for anything (even though his tennis shoes have holes in the toes) (I'm going to force him to use his Birthday money for some new ones!)
-He's a great natural athlete, who was even willing to learn to ski!
-He knows all the words to every rap and country song on the radio.
-He's not afraid to help with.... errands, couponing, cleaning, laundry, and he'll do it with a smile.
-He reminds me whats important at the end of every day.

Matthew John is the leader of our family, the husband that I love, and the dad our kids look up to. Happy Belated Birthday Matt!

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