Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Vist from Grandma D and Glenn

Lately our lives have been super chaotic, and I am VERY behind on blog posts, but here are a few pics from when Matt's mom and stepdad visited last week.

We took Jack sledding in Breckenridge and he LOVED it. The first ride down he had tears in his eyes, but when he got to the bottom he turned around and said, "More Mama"? So Glenn, Matt, and I took turns pulling him back up and letting him fly. Before the sled would come to a full stop he would ask for more every time.

Jack loves his "Fiffer" (Swiffer), he thinks he is helping clean.

Mason is still scooting and not using his knees to crawl. He is super speedy though. His new nickname is "little scooty".

Jack and Mason are both super excited to open presents. Mase just likes to pound on the boxes. I don't think he has any clue that even better toys are in the boxes. Jack gets it though, and is ready to open gifts.

Diane and Glenn loved getting some quality time with the boys. Diane loves that Jack calls her "D", just like the rest of the family. Every morning while they were here he would come to my room and ask, "Deeeeee?????????"

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