Saturday, October 23, 2010


Last week we took a WONDERFUL vacation to Minnesota to relax and see my family. It truly was a vacation in every aspect of the word. Our trip involved:

-Time with my Grandma, Grandpa, Parents, Aunt, Jake and Brittany (and their puppy Barley), and Brian and Brittaney.
-Family Game Nights (Around the world ping-pong and Cranium)
-Scrapbooking (for Jess)
-Grouse Hunting (for Matt)
-LOTS of playtime for Jack (leaves, trains, wheelbarrows, and sticks)
-LOTS of snuggling for Mason (and some crawling lessons from Auntie Brittany)
-Good Food (Sven and Ole's, Mom's Shrimp Pasta, Culver's, and Jake's)
-A 2 day trip for Matt and I to the North Shore (with no kids!)

The only downside of the whole trip was that it was a 19 hour drive to get there, and 19 hours back home. The boys were actually pretty good, and Mason was able to hold on to his nickname of "The Peach". I will try to get all of the pictures together and posted over the next few days!

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