Thursday, September 23, 2010

4 Dishes, $21, 6 meals

Lately life has been crazy, and we are always looking for anyway to streamline anything. Today I was able to make us 6 meals, using 4 dishes, and $21!

Poppyseed Chicken
8 packages chicken breasts (cubed)- $12
4 Bouliion Cubes- $?
8 cans Cream of Chicken soup- (from the stockplie, $.27 each last year)- $2.15
3 24 oz. containers Sour Cream- $4.50
1 jar poppyseeds- $2.50
2 cups water
pinches of salt

Boil the cubed chicken with the boullion until cooked, Mix all ingredients, Put into 6 freezer bags, make 1 for dinner for us, 1 to bring a friend for dinner, and freeze 4.

When ready to cook defrost, put in casserole pan, cover with 2 tubes of crushed ritz mixed with a stick of melted butter. Cook at 350 for 35 minutes.

The best part was that it only involved 4 dishes. I used the pot to boil the chicken, the bowl to stir it all, the spatula, and a measuring cup to scoop it into the freezer bags.

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