Friday, July 30, 2010

The Money You Could Be Saving With Craigslist

Since moving into our house I have HATED our oven. The only big burner was too close to the knobs so you couldn't put a big pot on it. It was our only white appliance in our stainless kitchen, and a few weeks ago the towel bar fell off it. So... we decided to upgrade! We found an oven on Craigslist that needed some major elbow grease. It retails new for over $700, a guy posted it for $475. I offered $300. First he said no, then 6 hours later he changed his mind, e-mailed me, and sold it to me for $300! I spent about 3 hours scraping and scrubbing the glass top and stainless and now it looks like NEW! I figure $133 an hour is pretty good money!

Old Oven

New Oven:

The best news of all is that I think I will be able to resell our old oven on Craigstlist for $150, if the handle wouldn't have been broken a guy would have paid $200 today!

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