Monday, May 3, 2010

Crystal Lake

I haven't posted for a while because we were gone visiting Matt's family in Crystal Lake, IL. I flew with Mason, and Matt and Jack road tripped it the whole 15 hours from Denver to CL.

Jackson had a great time at the park with Grandma Diane, Grandpa Glenn and Matt's cousin Nicole.

Matt's cousin's Andrea, Nicole, and Keri had a great time getting to know Mason.

They also enjoyed spending time with Jackson, here is the same picture we took 19 months ago, reinacted!

Jack got more piggy-back rides from Grandma Diane

Jack got his first Harley but his cousin Ana got more riding time in than Jackson on this trip.

While Ana enjoyed the Harley Jack enjoyed her princess slide and sandbox!

We went to Ana's dance recital dress rehearsal, it made Matt happy that we have 2 boys and no girls!
Jackson discovered that couches are very bouncy, especially grandma and grandpa's couch!
Mason spent a lot of time being oooed and ahed over.
Mason has proud grandparents on both sides!
Mason is smiling a lot more now, he's just hard to catch on camera with a smile!
Along with hanging out with family we also got together with lots of old friends of Matt's. He also went to a Cub's game with his cousin Andrea. Of course we made a trip to Ikea (how could I be that close and not go?!?) Our trip also involved eating many of Chicago and Crystal Lake's classic foods. I was introduced to "Johnny's Beef" and their italian ices, "Portillos" and their chocolate cake,"The Freeze" and their "Blitz's", and The "Village Squire" and their "flaming cheese". I think that Matt misses Chicago food almost as much as he misses his family! Although it was a great trip, we are happy to be back home, enjoying the comforts of Jack's crib and our King size bed!

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