Saturday, March 13, 2010

Nesting in Full Swing

The term "nesting" is definitely true as this past week I have been "nesting" in full swing. I seem to think that every single space needs to be organized and every project needs to be finished. It's as if we will be incapable of completing anything once the baby arrives.

The past two days were the days of "incomplete projects" where I did everything possible to complete all of the half done projects on the craft table. Here is what I accomplished:

1. Pillow shams for the guest bed that match the quilt that my mom made.
2. Cowgirl and Cowboy Dishtowel pillows
3. Framed this monster print for the baby's room, which is still incomplete. (Hopefully I will be posting completed monster room pictures soon!)
4. Cushion for the toy box (which I got on Craigslist and is PERFECT)
5. Towel/Pad/Cushion thingy for bathing the baby (it is for when you take them out of the baby tub so that you don't have to lay them on the hard counter)
6. Monster receiving blanket

There's still a lot that I would like to accomplish before the baby arrives, but I can't say that I would be upset if he decided to show up sometime soon!

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kirstin said...

Umm, I think nesting is supposed to happen when you're at the end. But I also think that it has hit our house full force as well... it's alarming what you can get done, right?
Love all the decorating/sewing projects!