Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another Due Date Come and Gone

Here I sit at 1:25AM the day after my due date, still pregnant. After having Jack 5 days late I should know better than to expect to be holding a little bundle only one day after my due date, but I am still dissapointed. Luckily though, this time around my doctor isn't too keen on going far past my due date, because she thinks that this baby is BIG. So... we have an induction set for 6:30AM on Wednesday morning. Which means that I have exactly 29 hours to pray and hope that I go into labor on my own, otherwise I will be at the mercy of the induction. So if you are reading this you can be praying for us, and the baby! Hopefully our next post will be of our brand new bundle of joy, including the much awaited announcement of his name!

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Mary said...

I'll be praying for you! Hailey was exactley a week overdue and that week was not fun. I hope your little guy decides to come on his own. :)