Sunday, January 3, 2010

Teething disaster

Today started off great, Matt got home from work early, Jack slept in, we were on track to get to church early and then it happened... Jack threw up. It was a disaster. We were about 1 block from church and there was puke EVERYWHERE. We had to pull over and strip Jack, of course we didn't have a change of clothes. Then we headed back home with Jack in his diaper on my lap in the front seat, due to his car seat being a mess. Turns out Jackson is teething. He's got a terrible diaper rash, won't eat anything but yogurt, is incredibly whiny, and will barely nap. Let's just pray this tooth gets here quickly!

He did manage to sneak in some playtime on his rocking trike, he is a little daredevil though and yesterday I caught him standing on the seat doing, "no hands". He's going to be one to watch out for!

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