Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Last Thursday we headed off to Minnesota for my brother Jake's wedding reception. We were greeted by family and bitter cold, and had an excellent trip. Because the reception was at the zoo conservatory, they had a penguin at the reception which Jack loved! During the reception Jack enjoyed lots of cuddles from aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends, and just about anyone he could lay his head on. The reception was a ton of fun and we are happy to see Jake and Brittany start their married lives together. Now we're just hoping that Jack doesn't have to wait too long for cousins!
We spent most of our long weekend at my parent's house up North where we enjoyed lots of time by the fireplace playing with Jackson. He got a kick out of wearing my dad's sweatshirt a shoes. He also got tons of cuddle time with his grandma and great grandpa, horse rides from grandpa, and tons of new Christmas presents. Matt and I enjoyed sleeping in, something Jackson rarely lets us do! My grandpa Bernie had a stroke about a month ago, and hasn't been doing too well. We made two visits to the nursing home to see him and he loved to see Jackson, he laughed for the first time since the stroke, and continued to laugh a lot at Jackson! It was great to see Jack bring a smile to his face.

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