Sunday, December 20, 2009


On Tuesday we took Jack to see Santa. When we walked in Jack waved at him, gave him "knuckles" and "high fives" and jingled the bells on his wrist. Then when the moment of truth came it was all downhill. Jack hated sitting on Santa's lap and was trying to climb off of Santa on to me. So we settled for a screaming pic. We did get a decent family pic though, Jack is Mr. Serious, not smiling for anyone who he doesn't know.

Recently we are finding that Jack's personality is VERY similar to mine. When he is focused on something he is very focused and there is no joking or smiling. When he doesn't know someone, he is very serious and doesn't open up to them until he knows them well. He is also very particular where he puts things. His drink has to be in the cup holder, his toys have to be in the right place, and if you move a toy that he doesn't want moved, he goes and puts it right back where it belongs.

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