Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Flu... and the Countdown.

The past week and a half has been a blur, as the flu hit our family and it hit us hard. Starting two weeks ago on Tuesday I got sick, then a few days later Matt got it, and a couple days after that Jackson got it. We accomplished nothing, slept a lot, and coughed a ton. We are all on the mend now, and trying to make up for our week of lost time!

As for the new house... 9 days until closing!!! We got an e-mail yesterday saying that all of our financing is set and ready for closing! We are still not sure when we will be moving, once we close we are going to tear up the carpeting, and depending how the wood floors look underneath that will determine when we can move in!

Our days are filled with comparing paint colors, perusing the Home Depot and Lowe's websites, and debating furniture choices.

Currently here are our ideas:

Jackson's Room= Vintage Cowboy. My mom and I sewed a duvet for his twin bed, and I have been accumulating vintage cowboy accessories. Here is the duvet that we made:

Baby Boy's Room: Bright baby blue and lime green, I am currently working on making him a quilt, and depending on how that turns out I may or may not sew curtains to match! I will post pics once I make some more progress.

Basement: Once we sheetrock it we are considering painting it orange! I found this picture that inspired me, what do you think?

Now our biggest decision is whether or not to put in a gas fireplace when we refinish the basement. Although it would be expensive I think that it would really be nice. We will have to see how the budget pans out.

Well those are the ideas going through our heads. We probably should be more focused on packing our current house, but without a moving date set I am having more fun thinking about our new house.

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