Monday, June 15, 2009


After closing at work on Saturday, then opening on Sunday I raced home to get finish packing, get Jackson, and head to the airport. Jackson and I flew to Minnesota for our first trip away from Matt since Jackson was born. Matt had to work, but will be arriving on Thursday so that we can head to Marquette for our friend's wedding.

The plane ride was a FULL plane, and before the plane even took off Jackson started choking on his formula and coughed formula all over the lady next to me. Then because the overhead compartments were full the flight attendants started rearranging luggage and relocated the diaper bag to the front of the plane (which I didn't realize until I saw it about 10 feet ahead of us). This was not a problem until Jackson finished his bottle before takeoff. Jackson actually did alright, he only slapped the woman's arm next to us once, pulled the person's hair in front of us once, and threw his bottle down the aisle once. During the beverage service I ordered him some apple juice, due to the formula in the diaper bag being way out of reach. Then as we were decending all of the apple juice came back up... everywhere. All that I can say is that I am happy that Matt will be flying with us on the way home.
After landing we were greeted by my parents, who took us to my brother's house for a get together with some old friends. It was fun to see everyone, see his new house, and meet his new puppy! We didn't head for the lake until about 10PM and arrived home a little after midnight! Today we spent the day at my grandma and grandpa's with them and my aunt. Jackson is enjoying all of the attention and great home cooking. Today he has eaten: 3 bottles, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, jello salad, pork chops, rhubarb crisp, steak, puffs, and brocolli! No wonder he is in the 90th percentile!
Jack is VERY close to being a walker, and Matt's biggest fear is that after spending all day every day at home with him, that he is going to start walking while we are away for four days. Although I am sure that with a little coaxing the boy would take off, I am intentionally keeping him off his toes so that Matt can experience his first solo steps!

OK... I'll end this incredibly long post with a couple of pics.

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Katie said...

Just use Matt's concern as an excuse to let all those relatives hold him more than he really needs:) Then when Matt comes he'll be so tired of snuggling he can walk while Daddy is there! :)