Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Back on the Wagon

SO much for getting back on the blogging bandwagon huh?

Anyways, since I last posted we have been one busy family. Last Wednesday my parents flew out here for a week, and spent a few days here with us, and then we spent a few days at Beaver Creek with them. Here were a few highlights of the trip:

-Matt and my dad went prairie dog shooting, to find all the prairie dogs went into hiding that day and they just got some target practice in.

-I spent some time coupon shopping with my mom and Jack resulting in some excellent deals and a helping hand.

-Matt and my dad installed our new garage door opener, which is WONDERFUL compared to having to get in and out of the car every time.

-We made and froze a LOT of babyfood (pears, apples, green beans, and a LOT of bananas).

-We cooked a froze a bunch of broccoli (we now have a lifetime supply in the freezer).

-We got Jack some new swim trunks.

-Matt and I got some GREAT skiing in at Breckenridge and Beaver Creek.

-We also had a GREAT date night with babysitting courtesy of my parents, dinner at Outback (courtesy of UPS due to Matt being the best employee of the 4th quarter!) and a great Redbox movie (Fireproof).

This morning my parents flew home and it was back to the real world for us as I went back to work after an entire week off. Sorry about the infrequency of posts... I promise to start trying harder!

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