Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Clean Bill of Health/Our Little Sleepyhead

Today we had Jackson's ultrasound and they determined that the brace has been working and that we can begin weaning him out of it! For the next two weeks he can be out for a few hours in the morning and a few hours at night, and then for the following four weeks he only has to sleep in it! It was such a relief to hear that it worked, and we can't wait until he is fully out and can wear all of his adorable clothes!

Jackson is absolutely loving his crib, and sleeps every night from about 9PM to at least 5:30AM, sometimes even 7AM! We are really blessed to have such a good little sleeper. Most nights Matt heads to bed with Jackson so that he can get up at 1:30AM for UPS. Then every morning at 6:50 Matt gets home and we do a quick hand off as I head to work. Jackson also gets in a solid two hour nap every morning where Matt can catch up on a little sleep.

The weather is starting to get a little chilly out here, so we've got a "bundle me" for Jackson's car seat, doesn't he look cute in it? Jackson's new favorite toy is his "Johnny jumperoo", here is a picture of him in it, now he just has to figure out how to jump rather than just spin in circles!

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