Monday, October 20, 2008

Break Down/Sick Baby/New Crib

This week had it's highs and lows after finally making it home from our big road trip. Immediately after getting home our Explorer started making a weird noise, only to find out that a $500 repair was necessary. So, for a few days while both of our vehicles were in the shop we shared a rental, now we are just waiting on the Jetta repair. It's probably going to be a while though because they called today to tell me that there is an additional $2,000 of damage that wasn't in the orignal estimate!

Another low of this week is that Jackson had his first cold, he was all stuffed up and had a runny nose, but he was a trooper and is almost better now. He even put up with letting us stick the aspirator up his nose, I think that he realized that relief followed!

Although we had some lows, we also had the high of getting his crib and getting it all set up. His first night in his crib he slept from 9PM to 6:30 AM! He loves his mobile and is usually content to lay there and stare at it. I am also back at work now, and although it is hard to leave him, Matt has stopped by twice for lunch so that I can see them both. It is the perfect break in a busy day!

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