Monday, September 22, 2008

He's Three Weeks Old!

Jackson is now three weeks old, and getting cuter every day! The only time he isn't so cute is when he screams, which has been happening a lot lately. The night before last he slept for approximately 3 hours total, and then only napped for a total of 2 hours, giving Matt and I no sleep. Luckily last night he slept from 10PM to 4AM for a total of 6 hours, his longest stretch ever! It sure was a relief. Yesterday we took Jackson to church for the first time and he did excellent, he slept through half of it, and then enjoyed just sitting on Matt's lap. Hopefully he is always that good at church!

Here is a picture of Jackson sucking his thumb, he is getting better and better at finding it, but still struggles so it is a big accomplishment when he actually gets it into his mouth!
This is a picture of Jackson in the "dress sleeper", this is Matt's favorite way to dress him because it makes changing diapers in the middle of the night so easy. Matt says that we will keep him in these until he is walking with his little feet out the bottom!
This weekend Erin Johnson and her boyfriend Mark came to Denver from Tampa for a wedding. It was nice to see her and meet him, and they got a lot of cuddle time from Jackson! Amanda Kuure also came to Denver from Vail and we all caught up and went out for dinner.
Yesterday after some time on the computer I came out to find both of my boys snoozing away!
I'm not quite sure where Jackson's pants went, but he was just so adorable laying on the couch that I had to get a picture!

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