Friday, August 29, 2008

STILL Pregnant!

Well, it's 8:10PM on Friday, August 29th and yes, I am still pregnant. Although they say three days overdue isn't much, it sure feels like an eternity. I know that Matt was really counting on not having to work Friday or Saturday because he was sure that we'd have a baby by now. As a last resort I do have a doctor's appointment scheduled for Wednesday, where we will talk to the doc about an induction, but if he doesn't come naturally Wednesday still feels like a LONG ways away!

Luckily I am done working until I go back from maternity leave, because I don't think I could take another person asking, "You STILL haven't had that baby???" It also is a relief to be able to sit and hang out versus running from corner to corner of a SuperTarget.

Matt's grandma has guessed Saturday the 30th from the beginning, so lets just hope that she's right and he gets here tomorrow!

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