Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Our First Blog Post!

My due date of August 26th has come and gone and still no Baby McGurn! I decided to create a blog to keep everyone in the loop on our Colorado lives, and more importantly what everyone wants to hear about... Baby McGurn!!!

Today I worked for about 4 hours and when people would ask, "When is your due date", and my response was, "today" everyone was in shock that I was still there. Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment where *hopefully* Dr. Andrews will be willing to at least talk about scheduling an induction, but Matt thinks that she's too much of a toughie and isn't going to consider it until 42 weeks....I sure hope not though.

Luckily though Matt and I both have tomorrow off so we'll start the day off with some IHOP breakfast, and be able to just hang out together. It may be one of our last days ever to hang out without having to worry about any kids!

Hopefully by next post you'll all know what the mystery baby's name is, but until then... just pray for a safe delivery!


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Anonymous said...

Bummer! I was SO ready at 38 weeks when they induced me (I had low fluid) - it's tough to be preggo at the end of summer. Any day now!